What We Do

We are a multi-specialty medical practice providing care to rural areas via innovative and cost-effective telemedicine technology. We have one goal: Making high-quality care accessible to everyone, regardless of their location, age, or the time of day.

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Our Services

Always wanted endocrine or derm? Missing a PCP? Paying a fortune for locums? With telemedicine, you can...


Think you need a federal grant to bring excellent telemedicine to your town? Think again.


We are not one-and-done telemedicine. We integrate into your community long-term, and share your commitment...

Who We Are

Physicians. Technophiles. Iconoclasts. Mission-driven, multi-specialty doctors who refuse to accept that living in a rural area means you die younger. We don't have all the answers, but definitely have the questions. That's a start.

Our Team Members

Charles “Chuck” Coffey, MD, MPH, MBA

Marketing Director

Madison Avenue's loss was Medicine's gain. The most over-educated member of a team of doctors.

Aaron Chen, DO

Personnel Director

Texan. Need we say more?

Elisha Yaghmai, MD, MPH&TM


Born too late for the life of contemplation for which he was intended. Can't stop asking, "Why?"

Patrick Zana Desgranges (“Zana”), MD, PhD

Vice President and Chief Technical Officer

An engineer in a doctor's body. He is passionate about using technology to improve patient care.




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New York

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