1. How much will this cost?

If you are a critical access hospital (CAH), we don’t charge fees for any billable service. Yes, you read that correctly. We bill insurance.  If you are a larger facility with higher volumes we charge a very competitive service fee.  Please contact us for pricing.

2. You don’t charge fees?! Everyone charges fees. Are you insane, dumb, or scamming us?

We are very aware that many insurance providers don’t reimburse for telemedicine, while others limit the activities for which they will reimburse. However we have seen too many rural hospitals that need telemedicine for their patients, but can not afford it due to expensive services and equipment. We think this is wrong, so we’re doing something about it. If you agree with us, please contact your favorite politician, and ask them to mandate full payer parity for telemedicine in your state if it doesn’t already exist.

3. What equipment do we need?

At most The MITEE, which is excellent if you need a rig. Think you probably can’t afford a MITEE? You can, and if you also use us for medical services, the first one is free. That said, we can get every room in your hospital set up for telemedicine for a fraction of the cost of just one rig from the traditional vendors. Ask us how

4. What equipment do we not need?

Expensive, proprietary equipment, or closed systems. Please contact us before you invest in a bank-breaking system or “robot” you might not need. Their high prices imply value, but their actual performance is rarely superior.  Click here to see how the MITEE compares to the RP Vita robot from InTouch Health.

5. We already invested in a telemedicine system with proprietary technology. Can you use that instead?
So long as it does not require a major hardware investment on our end, yes we can. Our primary emphasis is flexibility; our secondary emphasis is keeping costs down so our service is affordable.

6. Can you use our electronic medical record (EMR)?
Yes and no. For ambulatory work, we have our own EMR for the sake of preserving provider sanity while seeing patients in many different places, but emphasize clear, timely, written communication with local physicians. In the inpatient setting it varies, but in all circumstances your staff will have access to our record. Also if you do not have an EMR, we can still work with you. As for record ownership, we feel patients should own their own records, so we are happy to share access as desired.

7. What about procedures?
Until there are mobile robots to do this, we will need a local provider available to intubate and place central lines. They will not need to provide additional management beyond this. If no provider with those skills is easily available, patients with potential for severe decompensation will need to transfer.

8. What about patients with abdominal pain?
The abdominal exam is the weakness of remote examination. For non-surgical abdominal pain, a telepresenter-facilitated examination is usually sufficient. However if there is suspicion for acute abdomen in an inpatient, we will need a local provider to do hands-on evaluation.


1. What if I want to work with you?
Check your pulse. If it gets faster when you think about mission-driven medicine, or building something meaningful, please contact us. Email and phone also work.

2. Does it matter where I work from?
No. As long as you are appropriately licensed, reliably available, and adhere to HIPAA and company policies, your physical location is your business.

3. If I give you my contact information will you hound me with endless phone calls, e-mails, and text messages no matter how many times I tell you to leave me alone?
No. We hate that too. Our goal is to bring together interested providers and facilities that have needs, NOT to harass busy providers already occupied with other work. We will strictly respect your wishes regarding how, when, and how often you want to be contacted, and never sell information.

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