MITEE Telemedicine Cart with Built-in Digital Exam Scope

World’s First Telemedicine System with Built-in Digital Exam Scope 

The MITEE 3.0 is a FDA registered Class I device (under MDDS guidelines)


Portable: 70 pounds for the full rig, and a few ounces for the included handheld makes it easy to provide care anywhere.

Easy to use: Minimal setup. No keyboard, mouse, or cameras to move around or plug in. MITEE has continuous autofocus, wide angle lens, and the zoom is effectively infinite. If you are comfortable with a smartphone, you can easily operate MITEE from the time you receive it. If you are a technophobe, it may take an additional 5 minutes.


 MITEE 3.0 telemedicine cartMITEE 3.0 telehealth cart


Powerful: A 4K-capable, 12-megapixel video camera ensures no detail is missed. The omnidirectional microphones with noise and echo reduction assure patients are heard with full, crisp sound, while the built-in speakers ensure providers are clearly heard as well. Worried about screen size? Your patient will see you in high-definition (HD) on a 32 inch screen. (larger screens available).  

Reliable: Integrated WIFI and cellular, plus optional satellite, ensures you always have a connection. No power? No problem. With 15-20 hours active-use battery life, standby battery life of 14 days, and optional solar charging, MITEE is still useful in resource-poor settings or natural disasters. MITEE also runs multiple software packages, so a bad server day won’t leave you with no communication options.

Comprehensive: MITEE comes with the ability to do full examination of heart, lungs, ears, eyes, nose, throat, and skin, with no additional software required. 

Optional attachments include:

  • Retinal Exam
  • Point of care ultrasound probe
  • Colposcopy
  • Endoscopy
  • Bluetooth peripherals
    • Blood pressure cuff
    • Pulse oximeter
    • Thermometer
    • Scale
    • Spirometer
    • 1 lead or 12 Lead EKG
    • Glucometer
    • PT/INR reader

MITEE Technical Specifications

Affordable: $10,000 purchase price with $350 per month for software licensing and tech support.   Lease price is $870/month (includes software licensing and tech support), three year term.  Please contast us for details.

A few of the 35 and growing institutions that have chosen to make the MITEE their telemedicine system:

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